Q: How does this product work?

  • A: Taken once daily with water 30 minutes before your first meal. Our capsules assist in breaking down and distinguishing good fat from bad fat in the foods we eat (which is why its important to take the capsules 30 minutes prior to food). Once the two are distinguished, the bad fat is released from our system (and not stored creating weight gain). Our capsules also work toward the detoxification process, ridding the body of chemicals, toxins, and waste that can live in our bodies for months. Without detoxification, weight can become very stubborn, because of those stored chemicals and toxins. This is why some diets and/or exercise regimens will not work for all people.

Q: What ingredients are in the capsules?

  • A: All of our detox capsules contain natural ingredients that can be read on each products supplemental fact label. The products do not contain caffeine or any other drugs. It is recommended to not consume any product that contains an ingredient for which there is a known allergy.

Q: Do the products interact with prescription medications?

  • A: Our product plan guides users who have medical conditions that require prescription medications down a specific path. Ever client is different and there are persons who have health conditions that are successful on products that generally increase symptoms. As a rule we suggest to take our products 3-4 hours before or after any prescription medications as to give each product time to be effective.

Q: How do I know if the capsule is working for me?

  • A: Immediately upon beginning, you will notice a decrease in your appetite and food portions. Your body will crave more water and less sugar. Water is the most important key to this product's results.

Q: Will I go to the bathroom more often?

  • A: You will absolutely go to the bathroom more your first month of use - this is the detox process working. This is very normal. The reason many of us have a weight gain problem is because of the harmful toxins we take into our everyday activities, which slow down our metabolism. Any effective dietary supplement will remove those harmful toxins from your body before it starts the other great benefits. This is the stage that we call detoxifying your body, which take place within the first 3 weeks of your product. Once your body gets rid of these harmful toxins, you will go back to your regular bowel movement and may continue to experience frequent urination due to water intake increase.

Q: Is there a special diet?

  • A: For our Essentials & Superior products, there is no special diet. You must continue eating all your desired meals. We do not recommend that you change your eating habits for Essentials. These capsules work best with a fatty diet. However, Superior requires added fiber (fruits/vegetables/nuts/beans OR a fiber supplement that can be found on our site). We do advise that you include more protein in your eating habits. Foods high in sugar, caffeine, or yeast are not advised. The decision will not help or hurt your weight loss, it will maintain your weight. Each of our capsules will help you change to a healthier lifestyle throughout the process.

Q: Do I have to exercise for this to work?

  • A: The beauty of our Essentials & Superior supplements are that you do not have to exercise at all! These capsules can bring about more energy, which means that you may be more active! You may even start exercising again! Superior can have a mild exercise regimen combined with it if you so desire. Royal, Elite I & II all have great results without exercise but can be more effective with exercise regimens.

Q: How do/what happens if I stop taking the capsules?

  • A: Once you have reached your desired weight, we advise you take half your dosage for 30 days. After the 30 days you may discontinue the use of the supplement. Remember that this is an all natural dietary supplement, if you follow all regimens that are directed, you will not have any rebounding weight gain. If you immediately stop taking the capsules, constipation may take place..we advise to follow the above procedure.

Q: What if I work second or third shift, as opposed to first shift?

  • A: We recommend that you take the capsules 30 minutes before or after your first meal of the day, whatever time that may be. We advise to not change your pattern to much to cause your body to become confused. Continue your daily habits as you did before.

Q: Will I have a clear face after these capsules?

  • A: Often, your face (acne) may clear up after you begin the supplement. Keep in mind, toxins will be released through your pores, urine, bowel movements, etc. If you experience a mild facial break-OUT before a break-THROUGH, this is the reason why..and it also very normal and does not typically last past 1-2 weeks.

Q: What if I experience headaches?
A: There could be two reasons: 1) you are not eating frequently enough daily and/or 2) you are drinking too much caffeine (soda, sweet tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc) and not enough water. Please eat frequently and cut down on your caffeine. Again drink 8 glasses of REAL water daily.

Q: What can I drink?

  • A: 100% water is the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE route to take for optimal results. When you begin drinking other liquids, your weight loss will decline - sometimes drastically or stop. While on any weight loss regimen (especially a detox process) - pure water is the best way to flush your system. When detoxing, you do not want to put toxins back into your system. Drinking coffee or caffeine-derived products can compound the toxic substances in your body that increase your risk of insomnia, stroke or heart disease. If you would like to add hot Green Tea, we make a small allowance (up to 3 cups daily).

Q: Can men take these capsules also?

  • A: YES!!!! In fact, our men very often perform better than our female clients!

Q: When can I expect to see results?

  • A: Depending on your daily water intake, frequency of meals, and daily consumption of pills - you can see results (on the scale) as early as 7 days!!! Our most successful clients are those who drink the necessary amount of water daily (if not more), take capsules without missing days, and eat throughout the day! Per one-month supply, you can lose up to 10% of your total body weight!
Q: Where are the products manufactured? Are they FDA approved?
  • A: Our products are manufactured in cGMP factories in the United States and China. We work closely with our manufactures to ensure our products contain the highest quality FDA approved ingredients. The FDA does not regulate the dietary supplement industry which is why there is a lot of competition and many effective products on the market. The FDA does require suppliers to follow certain guidelines and procedures. Imperial Wellness works diligently to ensure we are in adherence with FDA rules and policies, to make sure our clients (many of which are family and friends) receive products that will not pose a health or safety issue.

Q: So, really, how easy is this?

  • A: Simply take your pills daily (30 minutes to an hour prior to your first meal), eat 3-5 meals daily, and consume 8 glasses (or more - for best results) of water daily for results in as little as 7 days and every week thereafter!